​NBA star Russell Westbrook also scores style points

Tim Duncan saved the day yet again for the Spurs to beat the Rockets in a thriller, plus three other things we learned Friday.

A lot still needed to be decided heading into the final day of the regular season, and after a busy night that featured some seed shuffling, the playoff matchups are finally set. The two final teams to secure postseason spots were the Pelicans and Nets

It was always going to be a relatively one-sided affair in the first round of the NBA playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans. But the fact that Anthony Davis couldn't even show off his incredible individual talent for

Yes, that's a combined 15 points, which makes it the lowest scoring quarter in NBA history since the shot clock era began. Now, when we say New York's season is historic, we're not just saying it because they're the only team 

Thompson is no stranger to ridiculous scoring outputs in a short amount of time. His 37 points in a single quarter against Sacramento has reached mythical status already. So when he started to heat up in the second quarter the Grizzlies knew they were

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