Michael Jackson's Advice Helped Judith Hill 'Sizzle' On 'The Voice'


Wow, wow, wow. In the blink of an eye, Adam Levine's team got decimated last night on The Voice, as early frontrunner Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons we. Judith Hill auditioned for The Voice hoping for a shot at fame just like everyone else, landing on coach Adam Levine's team after a four-chair turn du. […]

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Grumpy Cat Goes from Meme to Movie


Last year, Bryan Bundesen posted pictures on the Internet of his sister's cat, Tardar Sauce. After the cable technician, who lives in Ohio, showed off the sourpuss feline to the world, a digital phenomenon commenced. "Grumpy Cat" was voted Meme of the Grumpy Cat –the king of the internet cat meme – is breaking off […]

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'After Earth' Review: Will Smith and son hard to watch in bland, predictable film

Fox News

M. Night Shyamalan teams up with Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith for a story of overcoming fear and redemption in 'After Earth.' Yet despite its original setting, it is a simplistic tale that fails to offer much that you haven't In the year 2071, planet Earth breaks up with humanity. Not only that, […]

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Tiger Woods is nearly 2000 strokes under par in his PGA Tour career


Keegan Bradley has come under fire for a pre-shot routine that may be a tad less twitchy than that of a former member of his sainted Red Sox. The leader of the belly putter brigade has even weathered charges of cheating for using an anchoring stroke May 31 (Infostrada Sports) – Scores from the U.S. […]

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Country star Luke Bryan rocks CMAC house


Bryan, accenting his cap with a T-shirt and jeans, was more than happy to host the party on Sunday. To that point, “Crash My Party” was his open invitation to a favorite gal pal to join him any time. As an intro to the ominous guitars of “Muckalee More than the fog machines were smoking […]

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Julius Richard Petri revealed just how gross the world really is

Christian Sc

That is why, in the wider world beyond the lab, Robert Bunsen's name burns so bright. And if anyone understands the conditions for how our culture behaves (and mutates), it's Julius Richard Petri. For Petri, immortality is a dish best served with his Google celebrated the 161st birthday of bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri today with […]

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Is Miami Heat's Shane Battier a dirty player?


The Miami Heat used a dominant 16-point third quarter from LeBron James to run away with a 90-79 Game 5 win over the Indiana Pacers. LeBron and Co. came out looking lackadaisical and once again overwhelmed by the Pacers' intensity on the interior. Pacers center Roy Hibbert called out Shane Battier for the second time […]

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AKA: Miranda Lambert


Miranda Lambert was so overcome with emotion during her performance at the Healing the Heartland concert she started crying and RadarOnline.com has the touching video from the show. Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Support Oklahoma at Tornado Benefit Concert. 10:16 PM PDT 5/29/2013 by Kevin Rutherford, Billboard. 27. 59. 0. 0. 0. Email; Print. Comments. Blake […]

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'After Earth,' Starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith

New York Tim

Movie review for After Earth, an absolute embarrassment of a film for all involved. A father-son encounter session tricked out with science-fiction clichés and steeped in motivational uplift, “After Earth” opens with a teenager, Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith), washing out from some kind of ranger academy. It's a bummer because all he wants 'After Earth” […]

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Who'll Take Over Crazytown?

Daily Beast

Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) launched the House Tea Party Caucus with much fanfare and a little humility, declaring, “I am not the head of the tea party.” It was a signature moment for the tea party and for Bachmann, who had parlayed her standing as one Oh Michele Bachmann, leaving Congress the way she spent every […]

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