2015 NHL playoffs crystal ball: Cup picks, predictions and more

A nightly look and recap of the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

They say you're not in trouble in the NHL playoffs until you lose a game at home. The Capitals are already in trouble. They have to be wondering what they ever did to deserve this. They've done their penance since Jaroslav Halak (then a Canadien) 

Hey, the hockey playoffs start today! And if you're like some of the other hockey fans I see online, you're probably sitting around right now being like DURRRR THE NHL PLAYOFFS ARE THE BEST PLAYOFFS LEBRON 

Maybe it will be the Tampa Bay Lightning's Ben Bishop, making his NHL playoff debut, or the Ottawa Senators' Andrew Hammond, who was in the minors this season. The Winnipeg Jets' Ondrej Pavelec surprised with exceptional play down the stretch, and 

But alas, in the NHL's bizarre-o world of how it structures its postseason, the best team doesn't always play the worst team to make the playoffs? Alas … The Ducks will be too bruised from a seven-game series over the