Amanda Rosenberg: Google co-founder Sergey Brin's new girlfriend?

Brin, hasn't been spotted without a pair. He's placed himself atop the privacy-eroding project, publicly, and inside Google's secret labs. Maybe it's because he's fucking the Glass marketing manager, Amanda Rosenberg. Amanda Rosenberg a Chew Google Brin Scandal NY Post Misogynist Bias Report Amanda Rosenberg a Chew 

"OK, Glass." It's a phrase that's become synonymous with Google's trailblazing wearable tech, and with good reason. As the headset's hotword, it must be.

The Googler at the heart of all of this is Amanda Rosenberg, a five-year veteran at Google now working on Google Glass, according to a report from ValleyWag. So who is she? She's a 26-year-old from England whose whole life appears to revolve around 

In most office romances, the torrid details don't usually travel much further than the water cooler. Alas, as Amanda Rosenberg can testify, the steel-and-glass Googleplex in California isn't like most offices, and her married lover, multibillionaire