'Anna Nicole' Reviews: How Was Lifetime's Anna Nicole Smith Movie?

The Hollywood Reporter: Anna Nicole Smith is obviously very iconic. What attracted you to the role? Agnes Bruckner: What attracted me to the role was that the script was so deep and cool and different. … And I met with Mary Harron, the director — I'd

Anna Nicole is the latest Lifetime movie to center around a real-life figure. Agnes Bruckner stars as the very troubled and eccentric Anna Nicole Smith, who was made famous from her time as a Playboy playmate and marriage to a Texas billionaire who was 

Mary Harron got her start writing for Punk magazine and directed American Psycho and I Shot Andy Warhol, among other films. So it's a little bit odd that her latest film is not on…

I think she completed ninth grade before she dropped out of high school, but she had other gifts,” says “Anna Nicole” actress Agnes Bruckner. “She knew how to make men happy and have them do pretty much whatever she 

anna-nicole-smith-agnes-bruckner-bikini-lifetime.jpg A TV movie about the strange, short and ultimately tragic life of Anna Nicole Smith doesn't exactly inspire great expectations. But Lifetime's "Anna Nicole" disappoints both