April 20, 1889: Adolf Hitler, Letter-Writer to 'The Nation', Is Born

gandhihitler AP PhotoLeft: Mahatma Gandhi aboard the S.S. Rajputana en route to the Second Round Table Conference on Dominion Status for India; Right: German Chancellor Adolf Hitler during his address to 80,000 

Adolf Hitler, one of the greatest orators of his age was ruthless at the same time. His name goes down in history as one of the most dreaded tyrant. His actions have been brought in much misfortune to the world. On his birthday, we present the 10 most 

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Adolf Hitler: Order of the Day: >Soldiers of the German Eastern front! >For the last time our deadly enemies the Jewish Bolsheviks have launched their massive forces to the attack. Their aim is to reduce Germany to ruins and 

During their extended honeymoon in Austria in 1937, the exiled Duke and Duchess of Windsor dropped in on Adolf Hitler at Berchtesgaden, his summer retreat in the Bavarian Alps. Each gave him the Nazi salute, while the führer gratified the duchess by