Atlanta's mayor: 'I've gotten the message, loud and clear'

Atlanta is in the midst of what will likely go down as one of the worst traffic jams in American history. It started with snow yesterday that snarled roads all across the city, and is now into its 16th hour. Here are a series of images 

ATLANTA — The parking lots otherwise known as Georgia interstates were clearing out Thursday as the city began to emerge from its icy, two-day gridlock. The snowstorm that swept across the Deep South this week was blamed for more than a dozen deaths 

From space, it almost looks like Atlanta was singled out in some way for the Snowpocalypse of 2014.

Atlanta (CNN) — We're a world-class city, Greater Atlanta boasts. So how did a couple of inches of snow paralyze the country's ninth-largest metro area? Atlanta is home to the world's busiest airport. To CNN and the Weather Channel. The headquarters

If your car was impounded by Atlanta police, the Property Control Unit will give you a credit form which will include the case number and vehicle information. You can then present the form to the wrecker service to get your car at no charge. The Police