Ben & Jerry's takes heat for ice cream beer

When it comes to innovative ice cream flavors, no one touches Ben & Jerry's. And when it comes to churning out fun new beers, New Belgium is among the best. Now the two are joining forces to create a beer that sounds like dessert in a bottleĀ 

On April 20, Ben & Jerry's will release a new product in their scoop shops: the Brrr-ito,* which is exactly what it sounds like (waffle cone tortilla, fudge drizzle, cookie crumbs, along with two scoops of ice cream). Just oneĀ 

Ever since 1979, my two favorite men, Ben and Jerry, have been cranking out the world's creamiest ice cream with the most unique mix-ins and the most creative names. From cult classic favorites like Cherry Garcia, to their line of refreshing frozen

In what has turned into an annual occurrence at Ben & Jerry's in downtown Burlington (and elsewhere), Free Cone Day has once again attracted huge crowds of people lining up to get their free ice cream. As the event started at noon Tuesday, a massive

Good grief, Congress. Are you really going to give another tax break to those of us who need it least? Yes, we're witty and created a successful global brand. Yes, we're handsome and in demand for selfie shots in malls and village squares around the