Blue moon: Wink at tonight's moon in tribute to Neil Armstrong

Be sure to check out the blue moon tonight. The moon is very bright too so it will be hard to miss provided you don't have any clouds to speak of. Technically the full moon occurred at 09:38 am this morning so if you saw the

“This Blue Moon that Slooh will explore Friday night is somewhat rare, but not as rare as the courage and talent of the late Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on our nearest celestial neighbor,” Berman said in a statement. “To honor him

A big old full moon will be shining bright over North Texas. This is a special full moon because it is a “Blue Moon”. We have a Blue Moon when we have two full moons in the same month. This happens “once in a blue moon”. Actually it happens about every

Adam Button on August 31st, 2012 13:23 GMT. I'm sure bloombergTV will carry it. carol on August 31st, 2012 13:24 GMT. “tonight is the last blue moon tonight until 2015.” A fitting and lovely tribute as Neil Armstrong is

The full moon that graces the sky Friday will be special — both in the early morning and the following night. Maybe you've heard of a blue moon? Don't get your hopes up too high. There probably won't be anything particularly