Cowboys weekend mailbag: The fans ask about Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys signed quarterback to a six-year extension that will make him the highest paid player in franchise history, according to reports.

Romo and the Cowboys have agreed on a six-year contract extension worth $108 million, including $55 million guaranteed, according to a source. The contract will likely make Romo a Cowboys player for life and provides

Rob Carr/Getty. If the Dallas Cowboys don't agree to an extension with Tony Romo now, they might not have the chance to later. It's a possibility that Ian Rapoport of NFL Network says could happen because of a couple paragraphs in Romo's contract.

We imagine Donovan McNabb was enjoying lunch Friday afternoon, eating an avocado kale salad (or something else healthy), when he looked up at a TV to learn Tony Romo signed a massive contract extension, and McNabb's mouth just dropping — maybe

A lot of skepticism has emerged in response to Tony Romo's 6-year, $108 million contract extension ($55M guaranteed) with the Cowboys. Romo's deal is questioned by some who point to the fact he only has 1 playoff win in his career. More questions arose