Does Ex Machina Have a Woman Problem, or Is Its Take on Gender Truly …

Ex Machina asks two questions you've probably heard before: “Will artificial intelligence destroy humanity?” and “What makes us human?” These concepts are not new, but Ex Machina, in select U.S. theaters now, asks them 

With Ex Machina, the directorial debut of 28 Days Later and Sunshine writer Alex Garland, we can finally put the Turing test to rest. You've likely heard of it — developed by legendary computer scientist Alan Turing (recently 

From this point of view, Ex Machina feels less like a sci-fi thriller and more like a survival story whose exploration of artificial intelligence has more in common with ethical debates about animal rights than it does with plotlines drawn from the

A good week at the box office for arthouse films: Four made the week's top 10 in grosses, while 'Ex Machina' had 2015's best debut.

This is the basis for Alex Garland's film, Ex Machina, which both examines these issues in very intelligent ways and also falls into Hollywood cliches. The biggest of those cliches is a fear of discovery leading to disaster, which