Earth Day, bah! Hybrid, EV owners shift to SUVs

Yes, it's that time of year where liberals celebrate Mother Gaia by trashing every place they touch like a bunch of smug, pot-smoking, latte-drinking, garbage-ridden locusts. This time it was the National Mall where they held a 

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22! Learn about some of the pressing issues facing Earth and how USGS science is helping. Read more.

The Earth Day concert on the National Mall left quite a mess in its wake.

One of the most unique people in the world will tour one of the rarest places on the planet Wednesday when President Barack Obama pitches his climate change message at Everglades National Park. The Earth Day presentation is expected to begin just 

Owners of gas-electric hybrids and battery electric vehicles are less and less likely to trade for another one, according to data from auto buying and research site Even more surprising: they are increasingly likely to shif to SUVs.