Earth Day: Facts & History

The company has launched a month-long campaign — World Water Day through Earth Day — to promote its campaign Water<Less™ , a process to reduce the water used in “garment finishing” by up to 96 percent. The move has helped the company save 

Good news, skywatchers: the annual Lyrid meteor shower peaks this week, and astronomers are predicting an awesome show. The Lyrids, considered the first good meteor shower of the year, will peak on April 22 — Earth Day 

After sharing its latest Environmental Responsibility report this morning, Apple this evening has added a new Earth Day 2015 section to the App Store. The section highlights content that contribute to environmental awareness, 

There are (so far) 1,800 known planets beyond our solar system, but among all of them, there's no place like Earth. To celebrate Earth Day, April 22, NASA is asking you to share pictures and video of your favorite places on Earth to all your social

Yes, it's that time of year where liberals celebrate Mother Gaia by trashing every place they touch like a bunch of smug, pot-smoking, latte-drinking, garbage-ridden locusts. This time it was the National Mall where they held a