Gisele Bundchen receives love note from hubby Tom Brady

If the rumors are to be trusted, Gisele Bundchen is expected to mark a milestone in her career this week. The Brazilian supermodel will reportedly kiss the runways goodbye during Brazilian fashion label's Colcci show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, 

Gisele Bundchen arrives for Colcci wrap party after catwalk finale. Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen arrives for a wrap party after making her catwalk finale with Colcci at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. 'I'm getting hydrophobic' Man gets Read More.

It was confirmed last week that Gisele Bundchen is quitting the runway. She'll still be modelling – and making more money OFF the runway, because runway isn't where it's lucrative anyway – but there will be no more 

Gisele Bundchen Walks Her Final Runway, Tom Brady Watches from Front Row! Gisele Bundchen looks radiant while walking down the runway during the Colcci show held during Sao Paulo Fashion Week Summer 2016 on 

The story of Gisele Bundchen's runway retirement seems to be one that's been lost in translation. After a statement given by Bundchen (in Portugese) to Sao Paulo newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo implied that the 34-year-old was hanging up her heels for