Google adds 'find my phone' to Android app

Google has come up with a solution to this problem that's as easy as typing "find my phone" into a web browser synced with your phone. Upon typing those three words, a geotag lets you know exactly where your missing phone is. An additional service will 

Losing your phone can happen easily. Unfortunately, finding it again can often be not so easy. Google has just made the search process a little easier for Android users, however. Now they need only type "find my phone" into 

I seriously considered installing a landline so that I can call my phone the three times per day it goes missing. But Google just made something even better. Type three magic words into search, and you'll find your missing 

To make things easier whenever you need to locate your lost or stolen Android phone, Google has created an interface that will show up whenever you type "find.

Google's Find My Phone feature for your desktop web browser is a feature you might want to check out if , if your Android smartphone has been lost or stolen. While this is an extension of the Android Device Manager app already available, all you need