Google Celebrates The Pony Express With A Fun Doodle Game

Google is reportedly developing a new Gmail feature that will allow users to receive and pay bills directly from their email inbox. According to Recode, the new project is called Pony Express,

Three Rivers Pony Express riders Erin Riedinger of Northwood riding Jake and Tim Stumo of Northwood riding Ace walk into Mason City on Friday during the annual Pony Express ride for Easter Seals Camp Sunnyside. Both riders have participated in the 

Did your ancestors receive mail via the Pony Express? Today we celebrate the 155th anniversary of the history-making mail delivery service. The Pony Express was first launched on April 3, 1860 with two relay teams of 

To mark the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express, the April 14 Google doodle, at, becomes a video game in which you can use your keyboard to help a Pony Express rider pick up and deliver mail. The game, which has no doubt taken over many 

Google Pony Express, the project ReCode stumbled on this week, is another perfect example. According to the site and a raft of secret documents they perused and then published, Google is working on an entire Gmail-driven bill payment system. So instead