Grey's Anatomy Review: Rest in Peace Mark Sloan

eric-dane-kate-walsh-addison-mark-greys-anatomy. There was one loose end left untied for Mark, though: Addison Montgomery. Now on "Private Practice," Addison may not have been the love of Mark's life, but she was certainly one of his great loves.

Eric Dane, Grey's Anatomy, Twit Pic Twitter/PatrickDempsey. Unless you've been crying so much you couldn't see straight, we have to say SPOILER ALERT for those Grey's Anatomy fans not in the know: a major death happened during Thursday's episode.

When Grey's Anatomy returns for its ninth season Thursday, Seattle Grace will have a very different vibe to it. While Owen is still the chief, to say the hospital's ranks have taken a hit would be an understatement. Lexie (sniff!)

Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes defends character deaths against Twitter haters! Details here!

Never let it be said that Jessica Capshaw can't keep a secret. For months, she's remained mum about whether her Grey's Anatomy character would live or die post-plane crash.