Gyrocopter pilot spoke with Tampa Bay Times before landing on Capitol

Doug Hughes wouldn't like this story. After all, the Florida letter carrier who landed a gyro-copter at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday has long insisted that his message — not he — is what's important: "I'm just delivering the mail." advertisement

Police in Washington, DC report that they have detained a man who flew a personal aircraft known as a gyrocopter through restricted airspace, landing the one-man flyer on the Capitol's West Lawn. Authorities blocked off 

A man flew a gyrocopter on to the front lawn of the Capitol on Wednesday, and footage captured and provided to the Associated Press shows his descent. And it's even better when you add, thanks to Trevor Foughty and Emily Cahn, the theme song from 

A 61-year-old mailman from Florida was detained by U.S. Capitol Police after piloting and landing a small helicopter on the west lawn of the Capitol, in an elaborately staged protest of campaign finance laws. The gyrocopter's passage through the

Minutes ago, Twitter lit up with news about a man in a miniature gyrocopter who'd landed on the front lawn of the U.S. Capitol, where he was promptly arrested by police: