Hackers target pro gamer after taking 'League of Legends' offline

A group of hackers claiming credit for knocking popular online game "League of Legends" offline Monday said they did it for "the lulz" — but things turned personal against a popular professional gamer after he shared his observations about the outages

Hugely popular online game League of Legends (LoL) was knocked offline for a few hours on 30 December by hackers. It was one of several games and social media sites targeted by the Derp hacking group. Reports suggest the attack was more 

Yasuo dashes to solemn victory, harnessing the raw power of the wind to elevate his unmatched elemental swordsmanship. A former member of an Ionian martial school and the only student to have mastered a legendary wind technique, 

After learning about League of Legends and StarCraft while at Seoul's Youth Mind Sports Fair, Kasparov tweeted that eSports, or "multiplayer computer game competitions," are currently more popular in Korea than chess and the board game go. However, he 

This includes titles like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, both of which were brought down for a short period of time. Casualties of the attack included Riot Games' League of Legends servers, which took most of the damage. The hackings resulted