Hilarious: McDonald's starts testing its all-day breakfast program on 4/20

The University of Colorado in Boulder was open to the public on 4/20, the unofficial pot holiday, for the first time in four years on Monday. The school had blocked public access to snuff out one of the nation's largest marijuana celebrations. The

Marshall Henderson finishes playing at Ole Miss. He plays basketball in Italy and Qatar and Iraq. Erin Andrews probably completely forgets her Twitter beef with Marshall Henderson. Marshall does not forget.

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Hey, look, I'm home! Finally I'll have a Hugo post whose comment thread I'll be around to moderate. So let me present some not-terribly-organized thoughts on the current state of things (if you missed my previous 

Denver police generally make enforcement of that law on 4/20 a low priority and target only the most egregious offenders. Considering that an estimated 125,000 people attended the rally over the course of the weekend and that Denver police issued only