Hillary Clinton Starts to Detail Rationale for Run as Campaign Begins

"Saturday Night Live" kicked off its Taraji P. Henson-hosted episode with a sketch imagining how Hillary Clinton is getting ready to announce her presidential bid. Clinton is expected to formally say on Sunday that she is 

At approximately 3 p.m. ET on Sunday, Hillary Clinton joined Facebook. Four hours later, her page boasted close to 555,000 likes, and the campaign kickoff video she'd posted on it had been viewed almost 1,010,000 times. Not bad for a rookie. While

Hillary Rodham Clinton, a former secretary of state, has been most outspoken in recent years on foreign policy matters. But she has also taken positions on domestic and economic issues, like immigration and income inequality, that have been at the

This is the first of a series of essays to be written by Left Flank Daily Kos users providing substantive critiques of Hillary Clinton. Serendipitously, the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State announces today her run 

Bloomberg Politics: What will be Hillary Clinton's legacy as secretary of state? Leslie Gelb: I think her legacy is mainly on the issues of women's and humanitarian rights and on global warming. These are the questions she spoke to mostly and I think