Hope Still Bright for Cubs' Kris Bryant After Shaky Debut

Kris Bryant raked in the minors. Then he raked in spring training. But the Cubs sent him down to start the season so he could rake for them in 2021 instead of for another team. So he raked in the minors again. And now he's 

Merry Krismas, Chicago; Kris Bryant's defense magically improved in the exact amount of minor league games it took for the Cubs to delay his free agency by a year. With that remarkable coincidence act of theatre out of the 

There have been 20 players in baseball history who have struck out three times in their debut — like Kris Bryant did on Friday afternoon — then went on to make an All-Star Game. One of those players was Masahiro Tanaka.

Kris Bryant is really good at baseball. He just got called upon to be really good at baseball on the biggest stage in the world. We haven't seen this much hype around a prospect since Stephen Strasburg. Here's where it can all go terrible, horribly wrong.

out in his first three at-bats, punctuated by a fan loudly exclaiming "You suck." Not all Cubs fans are already being mean to Kris Bryant, but it took only, like, three at-bats for ~some~ fans to start being mean to Kris Bryant!