Is Sandra Bullock Really the 'Most Beautiful' Woman in the World?

Sandra Bullock was named the World's Most Beautiful Woman by 'People' Magazine for 2015.

It's not surprising at all that Sandra Bullock was just named World Most Beautiful Woman, and you may be more like her than you think. Luckily, you can now compare yourself to the epic roles she's taken on!

This year, People placed their bets on “Real, Radiant Sandra Bullock!” whose defiant smile on the cover of the tabloid pairs nicely with a defiant strand of hair hovering above her right eyebrow. The 50-year-old actress doesn't give a damn about out-of

The Gravity star has mostly stayed out of the spotlight over the past 12 months and has been particularly selective about which film projects she takes on since she adopted her son, Louis, who's now five. But she'll be back on the big screen (or at

SHE'S long been cited as one of the most stunning stars in Hollywood and now Sandra Bullock can add another gong to her awards cupboard – this time it's PEOPLE's 2015 World's Most Beautiful Woman.