It's 4/20 — Do You Know How Mainstream Your Marijuana Has Become?

The University of Colorado in Boulder was open to the public on 4/20, the unofficial pot holiday, for the first time in four years on Monday. The school had blocked public access to snuff out one of the nation's largest marijuana celebrations. The

4/20/2015 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF. EXCLUSIVE. Lil Wayne Weed App. Lil Wayne may be the one stoner today who is actually productive — he just dropped a new music vid on the holy day of pot, and in a brilliant biz move he did it with 

To celebrate April 20th, or "every day" as Colorado and Washington call it, Spotify has recruited some of music's biggest marijuana advocates, Willie Nelson and Method Man, to share their own personal 4/20 playlists on the streaming service.

Hey, look, I'm home! Finally I'll have a Hugo post whose comment thread I'll be around to moderate. So let me present some not-terribly-organized thoughts on the current state of things (if you missed my previous 

Well, happy holidaze to all you blog-reading stoners out there. It's 4/20 and today is your day! If you've planned accordingly, you've cleared your schedule, rolled some joints, and packed your bowl, ready for the day to begin.