It's NBA Playoff Time. Pay No Attention to Those Losing Records.

The New Orleans Pelicans are heading to the playoffs for the first time since 2011 after clinching the eighth playoff spot in the West on the final night of the season. 2015 · Warriors vs. Pelicans, NBA Playoffs 2015 · NBA 

The NBA regular season is long, and there's a lot of noise. The playoffs are a different animal, and seed, especially in the West, often means nothing. Our NBA Threat Matrix looks to judge how dangerous each team is in terms of making a postseason run, 

This post will update with the results of the NBA's last night of the regular season, with seven playoff spots on the line. BULLS DEFEAT HAWKS, CLINCH NO. 3 SEED: The Bulls had Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson on the bench in the second half, but still 

Here's a radial bracket showing the 16 teams in the 2015 NBA Playoffs. The white dots connecting boxes indicates which teams are playing in the first round and who winners will face in the second round and beyond.

New Orleans reached the playoffs on the back of young superstar Anthony Davis and face the top-seeded Warriors. But the Spurs continue to be driven this season, after being obsessed with beating Miami in the 2014 NBA Finals, following an excruciating