Jim Brown gives his take on the Cleveland Browns' new uniforms

CLEVELAND, Ohio — It's a big night for the Browns. The team will unveil their new uniforms Tuesday evening. But was their moment spoiled on social media? Some on Twitter believe they stumbled onto the new uniforms, claiming they were already on store 

Besides the brighter orange, probably the most notable thing about the new uniforms is the amount of text on them. Besides the “Cleveland” above the numbers on the front, there is a “Browns” running down the pant leg, and a 

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The Cleveland Browns have officially unveiled their new uniforms for the 2015 season. There are three jerseys and three pants, allowing for nine possible uniform combinations. Here are some highlights.

CLEVELAND, Ohio– Counting from when the Browns introduced, for one preseason, a jersey with orange numbers and wide orange sleeve stripes, it has been 30 years since the team sought to update their uniforms. It took Nike designers an additional two