Jodi Arias Gets Life in Prison Without the Possibility of Parole

Jodi Arias has been sentenced to a natural life sentence with no possibility of parole. Arias was found guilty in May 2013 of murdering her on-off boyfriend, Travis Alexander, five years earlier. Because two previous juries were unable to decide

Jodi Arias, the vengeful ex-girlfriend of Travis Alexander who brutally took his life nearly eight years ago, has been sentenced to life in prison. "The court finds, as the jury found, that the crime was especially cruel," judge 

Jodi Arias' long murder trial ends in a life sentence!

She said the trial had been rough on her family and that Jodi Arias is "going to move on. We're all going to move on." She said her daughter had always tried to help people and "she'll continue to do that. It's what she's done the last seven years

Judge Sentences Convicted Murderer Jodi Arias to Life in Prison Without Possibility of Release. PHOENIX — Apr 13, 2015, 1:22 PM ET. Share. 0. Associated Press. Judge sentences convicted murderer Jodi Arias to life in prison without possibility of release.