'Justified' Series Finale: How Raylan, Boyd And Ava Go Out

Boyd lives! And so does Raylan. And Ava. And Tim, Rachel, Art, Wynn, and even Constable Bob. FX's Justified concluded six seasons Tuesday night with a series finale, “The Promise,” that left its core cast of characters alive 

But in the end, “Justified” went out on a surprisingly compassionate note. Over six seasons the darkly comic FX crime drama, created by Graham Yost, served up an array of colorful “big bads” to menace Timothy Olyphant's 

The same is true of the Leonard-derived FX series Justified, which hasn't only been a living illustration of his rules, but has played like a weekly rebuke to the pretensions of modern, “serious” television. Justified has been as 

HitFixs Alan Sepinwal says goodbye to Justified, the FX drama starring Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, and Joelle Carter, based on the stories of master crime fiction writer Elmore Leonard.

Sometimes, there's so much TV to discuss, we need a helping hand. This week,TV.com associate editor Kaitlin Thomas joins Tim and me to chat about the Justified finale, the upcoming Orphan Black premiere, HBO's Sunday comedies, and much more.