Kelly LeBrock: 'I Became a Hermit'

One-time movie pin-up Kelly Lebrock retreated to Santa Barbara, California after her 10-year marriage to Steven Seagal fell apart in the mid-1990s and has lived like a hermit ever since.The forgotte.

Kelly LeBrock made a name for herself as a model in the 1970s and an actress in the 1980s, starring in film's like "Woman in Red" and "Weird Science." But when her marriage to action star Steven Seagal — now fighting crime in Louisiana and hanging out 

In a new interview, Kelly LeBrock reveals that her bitter divorce from Steven Seagal left her too afraid to leave her house. Now, she's emerged after spending years in hiding, as she prepares for a return to Hollywood. Good for. Kelly Lebrock 

Kelly LeBrock, whose roles in 1980s films like "Woman in Red" and "Weird Science" made her a pinup sensation, said her 1996 divorce from actor Steven Seagal shattered her self-esteem and left her afraid to leave her home. LeBrock, 53, who was born in 

Kelly LeBrock became a hermit and hid out on a sprawling ranch in Santa Barbara, California for years. That's what she told UK tabloid The Daily Mail on.