Kerry's apartheid remark hits pro-Israel nerve

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is seeking to control the fallout from his heavily criticized remark that Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state.” “I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan

Sen. Ted Cruz has called for the resignation of Secretary of State John Kerry over reportedly telling world leaders that Israel could become an “apartheid state.” The Texas GOP said on Monday he was “greatly saddened” to read the comments Kerry made 

The Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town Desmond Tutu doesn't object to Secretary of State John Kerry's use of the word "apartheid" to describe the future of Israel if a peace agreement is not reached. Kerry has since 

Speaking to a closed-door meeting of the Trilateral Commission last week, Mr. Kerry said that if a Middle East peace agreement was not achieved, Israel risked becoming an “apartheid state,” according to an article in The Daily Beast, an online publication.

John Kerry's decision to identify apartheid for what it is – the qualifier, “could be,” is just so much ornamentation – is commendable. And it's already drawn bilious condemnations from the ADL, AIPAC, Congress and other