Michelle Manhart talks after losing Air Force career

Sunlight is the best disinfectant; but notice how many MSM stories are spinning the coverage to make Michelle Manhart the controversy instead of the “student group” marching on the USA flag for three days… wonder why that 

Michelle-Manhart-female-vet-cuffed-for-stealing-flag- It was a clash of American freedoms at a Georgia university when members of a protest over racism walked on the American Flag only to be confronted by Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart, who says

VALDOSTA, Ga. — A Georgia veteran is speaking out after being handcuffed during a protest on Friday for trying to keep people from walking on the American flag. It was all caught on video shot by Michelle Manhart's 

Fox News reports that military veteran Michelle Manhart was reportedly detained and charged by Valdosta State University police in Georgia Friday after she took an American flag from a group of protesters who were walking 

An absolutely insane woman won the hearts of conservatives after video was posted of her attempting to steal an American flag from a group of African-American protesters. Michelle Manhart, an Air Force veteran, former