Olympic Stud of the Day: Missy Franklin

The parents of newly-minted gold medalist Missy Franklin had such bad seats last night, they nearly had to watch her record-breaking swim through…

Missy Franklin is an Olympic champion. And also a very mature, grounded 17-year old.

The vocal online contingent pushing the hashtag #NBCfail over the network's Olympics coverage were handed a huge gift Monday night when a “Today” show promo spoiled an event that had yet to air.

When Justin Bieber got wind of his famous fan, he was quick to send her a message on Twitter: “heard @FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. now im a fan of hers too. CONGRATS on winning GOLD! #muchlove.”

Moments before broadcasting a tape of teen sensation Missy Franklin's gold medal-winning race, a competition that the network highlighted due to Franklin's young age and immense talent, NBC aired a promo for Tuesday morning's "Today" show in which