Orphan Black: “The Weight Of This Combination”

The ruling was name-checked last year in BBC America's Orphan Black, where eugenics and questions of identity are significant parts of the plot. For those unfamiliar, the critically acclaimed series, created by Graeme 

SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched the season 3 premiere of Orphan Black.] Sarah Manning is a dangerous woman—especially in the bedroom. James Frain's character Ferdinand learned that the 

It's not an Orphan Black episode without one clone trying to kill another clone, right? The beginning of Orphan Black Season 3 brings us that same scenario once again, with Rachel and the rest of Dyad/Topside deciding that it's time to eliminate Sarah

Orphan Black returned for its third season Saturday with enough clone-swapping, intrigue and laughs to satisfy all of us in the Clone Club. Although I'm still not sure if I'm on board with Project Castor, we got a healthy dose of our Leda girls (and

How do you give the versatile Tatiana Maslany a new acting challenge? If you're Orphan Black, you ask her to… become a scorpion? On Saturday's Season 3 premiere, on top of playing a Sarah-as-Rachel vs. Alison-as-Sarah scene, the actress also took on