Pony Express

Did your ancestors receive mail via the Pony Express? Today we celebrate the 155th anniversary of the history-making mail delivery service. The Pony Express was first launched on April 3, 1860 with two relay teams of 

If you visit Google on Tuesday you'll be greeted with a special treat: An adorable game based on the Pony Express, founded exactly 155 years ago, which lets you collect letters, avoid obstacles, and race on horseback from 

Google celebrates the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express, an important, if not financially successful, innovation in American communication. When was the first mail delivered via the Pony Express?

A $2,500 rental fee the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce paid to the city for the Pony Express Station will no longer be charged. At their April 7 meeting, the Gothenburg City Council agreed to waive the fee for 2015 so the city wouldn't have to operate

Google's announcement of Pony Express, a bill presentment and payment service, has caught the attention of many financial service providers including banks and credit unions. This service is another example of how technology companies can feed their