Revenge: What Did You Think of the Season 4 Premiere?

Emily Thorne is up to her old tricks on the Revenge Season 4 premiere! Read our TV Fanatic review now to find out what we thought about

responds, “I want my childhood. I want Aiden.” In the ward, Victoria gets a new roommate, Louise. Phyllis starts a commotion in the ward which enables Victoria to walk out. Victoria encounters Emily at the end and tells her that it's “her turn” to

Season 4 of Revenge premiered of Sept. 28, and picked up six months after the return of David Clarke (James Tupper)! Emily Thorne's (Emily VanCamp) quest for revenge continued as she acquired Grayson manor and threw one of the most lavish parties 

When Revenge returns on Sept. 28, Victoria Grayson is locked up in a mental institution. Meanwhile, Emily Thorne is living the life in Grayson Manor.

We spoke to Revenge costume designer Jill Ohanneson to find out why she dressed Emily in the stunning floral print in Season 4, Episode 1.