Rita Wilson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double …

Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson has double mastectomy: Getting a second opinion saved my life. RITA WILSON has said she feels "blessed" today, after recently undergoing a double mastectomy following her breast cancerĀ 

Rita Wilson Undergoes Double Mastectomy. Rita Wilson had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The 58-year-old actress says she underwent the procedure last week — with husband Tom Hanks by 

Rita Wilson underwent a bilateral mastectomy last week, according to People magazine. In a statement, she said she expects to make a full recovery. Initial biopsies were negative but a second opinion resulted in a diagnosis of breast cancer. Ms. Wilson

In the wake of actress Rita Wilson's disclosure that she was treated for breast cancer, discovered only after getting a second opinion, others with similar stories are sharing their experiences about how that additional medical advice saved their lives.

Rita Wilson announced that she has breast cancer. In a statement People published on Tuesday, the actress went into detail about her medical journey. "Last week, with my husband [Tom Hanks] by my side, and with the loveĀ