Somber memorial on Oklahoma City bombing 20th anniversary

It was crisp and clear in the pre-dawn morning of April 19th, 1995, as I pulled out of my driveway in Stillwater, Okla., to attend a prayer breakfast at the Myriad Convention Center in Oklahoma City. After breakfast ended at 08:30, I headed for my

Editor's note: This report aired on April 19, 1995, during WPIX's coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing. Workers at the World Trade Center reacted to the attack, which was similar to the one in 1993 in which terrorists tried to 

Oklahoma City – About 1000 people gathered at the former site of the Oklahoma City federal building to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the terrorist bombing there that killed 168 people and injured many others. Former 

Sunday marked the 20th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Dignitaries and families gathered to remember the lives that were lost that day. "In an instant this day was transformed into a moment of history, a moment of unspeakable darkness and

(CNN) — Twenty years ago, on April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh detonated a massive truck bomb in front of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The attack killed 168 men, women and children, injured hundreds