Sunday Morning Hangover: Alabama Football's Blake Sims – Yay or Nay?

Fortunately for Alabama, they do not have this problem. Blake Sims and Jake Coker are two different kinds of QB and Nick Saban and crew are prepared to follow behind either one. I would go as far as saying they might be 

Now that we have officially entered Alabama's first game week of the season, let's take a look at Clint Trickett, the starting quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers, and the rest of the West Virginia offense to see what Alabama fans can expect

In the two intervening seasons, Alabama has maintained its dominant position in the college football landscape and is poised to make another run in 2014. Meanwhile, West Virginia has fallen and fallen some more.

Alabama football is finally here, and the time for making guesses about how the team will perform is all but over. When Sunday rolls around, you can guarantee these predictions about Crimson Tide football – and a couple of other teams – will be facts:.

Here we are again, this time just nine days before the kick-off of yet another football season and though Alabama will not be in pursuit of that elusive three-peat, expectations have never been higher. Alabama finds itself