Tennessee is curious about ISIS, Mississippi wants Flappy Bird cheats

As the end of the year is just around the corner, lots of information about what about who searched for what online is becoming available, and real estate blog Estately decided to see what each state searched for more than any other. To be clear, these

The tragic and untimely passing of Robin Williams in August made for the most Googled term of the year. The actor's name ranked No. 1 on Google's most searched list of 2014. Last week, Facebook released data around the 

One of the more entertaining "what we did last year" surveys comes to us today via the Estately crew. Using Google Trends, Estately uncovered the terms, people and, well, trends that people in each state Googled most. It then crunched those numbers and 

Looking back on the Flappy Bird phenomenon, and the onslaught of games developer Dong Nguyen inspired with his brutally difficult single-tap gameplay, it's clear what made it so hard to put down. The first time you loaded 

The mobile game "Flappy Bird" was No. 4; the Disney movie “Frozen” was No. 5. The other top 10 searches: actress Jennifer Lawrence; actor Philip Seymour Hoffman; Grammy Awards; comedian Joan Rivers; Malaysian Airlines. The top trending “how to”