'The Leftovers' brings conventional morality back to cable

To talk about The Leftovers, the new HBO drama based on co-creator Tom Perrotta's book of the same name, we need to talk about that other show about people vanishing under mysterious circumstances that began with an L. You know, the one that 

These words come halfway through the premiere of HBO's “The Leftovers,” and they feel like an overture for the series itself, a grim, occasionally goofy melodrama about the funny and very-not-funny ways that people respond 

Sunday marks the series premiere of HBO's new show, The Leftovers, which stars Theroux as Police Chief Kevin Garvey. With a plot that revolves around a mystery as large and as powerful as the hit show Lost, The Leftovers 

This weekend, prepare for a little dark drama as HBO launches "The Leftovers," that takes place in the aftermath of what we assume is the rapture. Watch "The Leftovers" trailer below, and keep scrolling for more fresh TV recommendations! 'The Leftovers

Hello, Vultures! My name is Kelly Braffet. I'm a novelist who loves TV and recaps, and I couldn't be more excited about getting to do this one. Since my books are all about bad things happening to fucked-up people, The Leftovers is kind of perfect for me.