The Los Angeles Lakers? Gone till November

Sunday's 103-82 loss to the San Antonio Spurs brought an unflattering end to a season of misfortunes for the Los Angeles Lakers. In and of itself, the four-game sweep officially bedded a year in which expectations and optimism were replaced by

LOS ANGELES — For four straight games, the San Antonio Spurs showed off all the teamwork and tenacity that the Los Angeles Lakers lacked all season long. And when the Lakers' tumultuous season finally collapsed Sunday night, the smooth Spurs rolled

After getting through the season without a serious injury, Meeks suffered a high ankle sprain in Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs, causing him to miss the final three games of the first-round playoff series, in which the Lakers were swept. "It

To a degree nobody could anticipate, with Pau Gasol acting as the only active member of the Lakers in the second half of their final game of the season – one that was played in April, no less, and not mid-June. Metta World Peace's, Nash's and Kobe

Lakers guards Steve Blake (left) and Steve Nash sat in Game 3 and will miss Game 4. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images). The Lakers will enter what could be the final game of their 2012-13 season without Kobe Bryant and