The Thinking Behind Gravity Payments CEO's Move to Pay His Workers $70000 …

Dan Prince, CEO of Gravity Payments, announced the move Monday to elated employees and told them he would take a pay cut from his $1 million a year salary to join them at the new $70,000 annual minimum compensation. Prince said his decision was 

Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments in Seattle, has touched off a national debate over his plan to pay all of his workers a yearly salary of at least $70,000. But where did that figure come from and what's behind it? The number, the CEO said, comes

According to the New York Times, the founder of Gravity Payments, Dan Price, will be cutting his nearly $1 million salary down to $70,000 to equalize the pay in his company. Additionally, he will use 75 to 80 percent of his company's profit to raise

Dan Entrepreneur Cover Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price has been named the Entrepreneur of 2014 by Entrepreneur Magazine, beating out a field of 9 other finalists to take the top prize, and landing himself on the cover of 

Dan Price, a 30-year-old Nampa native, and now CEO of Gravity Payments in Seattle has slashed his salary to give his employees a minimum $70,000 salary. Employees are still trying to wrap their minds around the news their boss just delivered. Some of