Tony Parker apologises for giving controversial 'quenelle' salute

In 2009, he used the gesture, called "la quenelle," in a poster advertising a list of anti-Zionist political candidates. It basically looks like a low-key Nazi salute. Dieudonné denies it is an antisemitic gesture, instead claiming it is merely "anti

In recent months, French media have devoted increasing coverage to the spreading of Dieudonné's ideas in French society, most notably with the increasingly popular “quenelle” gesture — a quasi-Nazi salute designed to circumvent France's laws against 

NICOLAS ANELKA remains available to play for West Brom despite the 'quenelle' celebration storm hanging over his head.

San Antonio Spurs star point guard Tony Parker was photographed doing the “quenelle” — known as some kind of reverse Nazi salute — alongside a controversial French comedian. (Teammate Boris Diaw has been caught 

West Bromwich Albion went into full scale damage limitation mode on Monday as the Football Association discussed Nicolas Anelka's contentious quenelle goal celebration with Jewish leaders. While Anelka has agreed to refrain from repeating the allegedly