UCLA flood from water line rupture is red flag for LA infrastructure

The pipeline, which ruptured on Sunset Boulevard shortly before 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, sent a cascade of water onto the UCLA campus for about four hours, inundating parking garages, sports facilities and campus buildings, including the Pauley Pavilion

Workers try to clear water from the floor of Pauley Pavilion on the UCLA campus from a broken 30-inch water main, which gushed water onto Sunset Boulevard in the Westwood section of Los Angeles on Tuesday. A water 

No injuries were reported from the flooding at UCLA, and many students used the occasion to wade down steps that became waterfalls. Some broke out floats and were pulled through the accumulated water. Patrick Huggins and Mattahew Bamberger, 

UCLA is virtually underwater the result of a massive water main break on campus — and the athletic training center is getting hit HARD. TMZ…

As UCLA tallied the damage from rampant flooding triggered by the rupture of a 90-year-old city water line, Los Angeles city leaders on Wednesday were once again confronted with the consequences of deferred maintenance on the city's aging infrastructure.