Unfriended: A Cyberbullying-Revenge Film About the Horrors of Facebook

It seems Hollywood finally has found a way of getting teens offline and in line. Just make a movie like Unfriended, where the entire 82-minute running time takes place in front of a computer screen. Blumhouse has done it again. As I say in my video

Many horror movies get kind of bloody, but Heather Sossaman, who plays Laura Barnes in the just-released “Unfriended,” is using blood to save people's lives behind the scenes. That's because she's a big supporter of Music Saves Lives, a nonprofit that

Unfriended hits theaters today, and while it seems easy to reduce the movie's elevator pitch down to “I Know What You Did Last Summer meets Paranormal Activity with webcams,” it's really part of a much more important cultural tradition. The ever

Jonah Hill and James Franco have costarred in one previous movie together: This Is The End, a self-kidding apocalyptic comedy where they played ridiculous versions of themselves. Given their mutual connections to Judd Apatow and company, it seems like 

There's a delicate balance to choosing your first instant messenger screenname. It should say something about your passions, your experience, your soul. It must also — and pay attention, this is important — must not have been claimed by someone else