Unfriended: A Cyberbullying-Revenge Film About the Horrors of Facebook

My expectations were low for Blumhouse Productions' latest release, “Unfriended.” The premise — teens haunted by the ghost of a cyber-bullied classmate — seems as if it would run out of steam before the opening credits 

Times critics on “Child 44,” “Alex of Venice” and “Unfriended.”

Unfriended dropped 12% on Saturday from its front-loaded Friday night take of $6.79M and will usher in $16M and maybe some change if its lucky today. Universal noted this morning that the film earned back 16 times its production budget. According to

The next big new release is Unfriended, the surprisingly terrific little horror movie told entirely from the point-of-view of one teenage girl's laptop and the various social media feeds she uses to communicate with her (allegedly) doomed friends. The

Just make a movie like Unfriended, where the entire 82-minute running time takes place in front of a computer screen. Blumhouse has done it again. As I say in my video review above, they have made a cheapie horror thriller that is virtually