Victor Oladipo is really, really into Google Glass

Victor Oladipo wore Google Glass, the company's futuristic wearable computer, to the NBA Draft. Here is his day. The Verge has the rest of the story.

Former Indiana star Victor Oladipo went second in the 2013 NBA draft to the Orlando Magic. Leading up to the draft, he was seen wearing a Google Glass. At first, it seemed like little more than an outrageous fashion statement. After all, the thing

A trio of players who spent more than the minimum one year in college seem most prepared to contribute immediately with their teams and contend for the NBA's Rookie of the Year award.

Victor Oladipo wore Google Glass to the NBA draft. Victor Oladipo has no plans to blend in with the crowd. In the same piece, teammate Will Sheehy said: “If [Oladipo] walks into a room, he wants everyone to look at him.

Google is in the process of having "explorers" test its Glass product, which is a wearable, tiny computer screen attached to the side of eyeglass frames. It connects to a smartphone and also allows wearers to shoot video from their point-of-view, among