What We Learned From The Second Star Wars Trailer

Matthew is really emotional about the new 'Star Wars' trailer. This epic mashup of 'Interstellar' and the epic trailer encompasses all of our feelings about the new movie. Click to WATCH!

The Patriots wide receiver — perhaps influenced by our own movie trailers — released his own version of a Star Wars trailer starring none other than Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and himself. The ending is particularly moving. Edelman's ad inspires the

The Internet lit up this week after the trailer for the new Star Wars movie was released. This Dutch priest looks like a kid on Christmas when he plays the new trailer, seeming to reflect larger Internet joy over seeing some of his favorite characters

I watched the Star Wars trailer again and again when it came out. Mostly because I got see Luke (or at least his hand), Leia (at least her hand), Han, and Chewie for the first time in something like decades. So if you happen to be someone who loves a

The new Star Wars teaser trailer is so awesome, it's already given Disney's stock a $2 billion boost, indicating the excitement among investors (nerds) over the upcoming movie.