Why I No Longer Care About Downton Abbey

A Downton Abbey fan has taken her interest in the show to a new level, creating a cookbook based on recipes mentioned in the Edwardian-set melodrama. Pamela Foster, of Burlington, Ont., combined her love of the show and her own interest in culinary

Now that we know that "Downton" creator Julian Fellowes is fully capable of going "Game of Thrones" on us, I have to wonder what else could happen. Could Lord Grantham really lose Downton?

What's better: the tinkly elegance of Downton Abbey's theme music, or the rhythmic intensity of Game of Thrones's title tune? If you just can't choose, you'll love this video — in which pianist Sagar Jethani seamlessly melds the

A FAN sent a tweet to Downton Abbey's Brendan Coyle and was told by the star who plays valet John Bates: “Go f*** yourself.” The actor — famed for his Bafta-nominated portrayal of the respectful flunky in ITV1's period drama — hit the roof in a spat

Last month, we watched as one Downton Abbey fan paid homage to the cherished BBC drama by re-creating the eponymous estate in gingerbread. Today, we learn of another Downton-ian's loving, homemade tribute to the