Willie Nelson Is the Victim of a Death Hoax

The internet is buzzing this morning with news that country icon and legend Willie Nelson has died. One big problem is that the buzz is kind of pointless since the country crooner isn't dead at all. Sure, he may be 81-years-old, but he's still alive

Country legend Willie Nelson is the victim of a death hoax, which first circulated by false sources earlier this year but popped up again over the weekend. According to an 'article' on the false news site MSMBC.com, the 81-year-old singer was found

Jody Payne, a guitarist who toured with Willie Nelson for more than three decades, has died. He was 77. Baldwin County Coroner Stan Zinson says Payne died at 5:12 a.m. Saturday at a hospital from cardiac problems.

Like many celebrities, Willie Nelson was the victim of a death hoax, but it turns out the hoax was a hoax in itself, all meant to drive traffic to a misleading, click-generating website called mediamass.net (do yourself a favor, and 

It happened again, and thanks to over 500,000+ shares on Facebook (and counting), many Willie Nelson fans believe the legendary country singer died on Saturday, April 11th in Maui, and one dubious website is reaping the